Is the writing on the wall for cursed Wolves?

Mccarthy's bemused face...honest.

I know Luke Varney is undergoing something of a revolution under Holloways management, but when a player who wasn’t exactly prolific in the championship cuts in from the flank and volleys a 25 yard screamer in over your keepers head, you know that it just might not be your day.

If  you then go on to have the better of that half (Holloway’s words) only to end it 2-0 down, the second a goal that could and probably should have been disallowed, and then you remember every other performance this season where you have deserved better then zero points (a somewhat useless currency in the premier league table) you realise that you are Wolves, and if there is a god of luck out there, she hasn’t heard of you, but her gypsy cousin who knows a good curse or two does.

It was notable to see that when Doyle finally headed in, (to cut the deposit to somewhere Wolves could try and fail to fight back  again) and Blackpool were short the defender who could have made it alot harder for Doyle to score that goal, Doyle celebrated by gesturing into the sky, as if he had finally noticed some smaller sister of lady luck turn up to the party and give him a dose, and was asking where she had been in all the weeks before, and why shehadn’t brought her sister.

Much like the anti Man United this season, Wolves have been that guy about to pull only to be kicked in the balls seemingly every week this season – they lie second bottom of the table on goal difference, where justice should probably see them somewhere atop the bottom half, still a bit gritty, still a team just happy to be in the premierleague but fairly safe for now nonetheless. They haven’t played bad football, they haven’t really defended badly – they haven’t sucked against any particular team, they haven’t been particularly bad at anything – they haven’t even been bad at making chances. Blackpool was a fine example of chances not falling for the likes of Ebanks Blake and the like.

As it is, Wolves need things to go right for them, not just once but alot. They cannot afford to hack off anymore gypsies in the next week before Sunderland anyway – not when a bad result could leave them 8 points from safety.

But perhaps their relegation is already chiseled into the final reel of this turbulent premier league season. Perhaps Wolves are doomed. Because apparently you can make your own luck, and if so the stuff Wolves make is shocking. And perhaps Doyle and Fletcher, known less for their goal scoring and oppourtunism in the six yard box then for other abilities, can’t make the goals to save Wolves, in spite of the teams good play elsewhere. Maybe this year, being as organised and powerful as Wolves are won’t save them.

Time will tell. It says alot about Wolves and their bad rolls of the dice that Mccarthy is less under pressure then a number of others (How Hughton was ever under pressure I’ll never know) But the table, and the increasing risk that clubs above them could begin to pull away dictates that a result against Sunderland is a must.

Of course seeing Wolves this season tells you that Sunderland will turn up and have an even better game then they did against Chelsea at the Bridge. Poor Wolves.

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